Are you the problem?

As unpopular messages go, this might be the grand slam of unpopular messages. But, if you really want to go further, faster and take your effectiveness to a new level, it’s an important one. Just stick with me for a few more seconds. When there is a project or relationship that just isn’t working, the most effective among us are … Read More

PODCAST: Your ability to delegate sets the ceiling for your impact

In this BONUS episode of my podcast, Effective on Purpose, my incredible assistant, Trúc, and I riff on the importance of delegation, the value of working with an assistant, and how we got started together. This conversation is for YOU if: you are worried that your inability to delegate is reducing your capacity for impact OR you are curious about … Read More

This is why people don’t listen to you

There is going to be a moment, certainly this week, likely tomorrow, in which you will want to convince someone of something. Perhaps you will want them to partner with you on a project or simply order take-out from your favorite restaurant. The (often failed) approach most people take is to express all the reasons their solution makes sense TO … Read More

What if you changed one small thing?

If you are looking for a great way to fail, just try to change everything all at once and see how it goes.  Whether you are trying to change your eating habits, improve organizational culture, or become a stronger leader, making widespread, wholesale changes all at once isn’t always an effective path to take. Instead, where appropriate, you could try … Read More

Keep up the great work!

Here is a completely simple way to increase your influence and help others reach new heights: be like Moriah. Two or three times a year I get an email from Moriah in response to one of the messages I share and every one of them is like one of those power-up mushrooms that make Mario double in size.  They are … Read More

It only takes 12 lunches to change your career

Here’s a simple and effective way to change your career over the next 12 months: invite someone you appreciate professionally to lunch once a month. It’s easy, just send a text or an email that goes something like this: “Hey, PERSON, I really admire the way you go about your work and I’m hoping you will let me buy you lunch … Read More

The fundamental problem with saying “yes”

Here’s a perspective shift that might melt your brain: When you say “yes” to something, you say “no” to EVERYTHING else. But when you say “no” to something, you’ve only eliminated one possibility. (This is, of course, assuming you are bound to the same 24-hour day as the rest of us and have to allocate chunks of time you will … Read More

You aren’t in charge of the weather

If you’ve ever woken up, looked out the window at unappealing weather, and immediately felt like the day was off to a lackluster start, well, congratulations, you are a person. Most of us have been there, and yet, it’s worth considering how much power over our outlook and mindset that we give to things we cannot control, like the weather…or … Read More

I want you to make me a promise

I want to make a deal with you. Right now. From now on, come hell or high water, you and I don’t do overwhelm alone. I understand there are a thousand reasons why it feels like you can’t ask for help, or why your professional circumstances are so special that no one else will understand, but none of it is … Read More

John Wick has a broken heart

On the surface, the frenetic John Wick movies follow a man who is impossibly angry. The anger takes top billing, but it is really just a response to being heartbroken. What does this have to do with you? Sometimes the people you work with will make confusing decisions, or react in unexpected ways, because of root causes you don’t understand. Instead of vilifying … Read More