Nothing ever changes

I grew up in the 80’s and learned a lot of valuable lessons from sitcoms.

Unfortunately, these shows also drove home a subconscious message that still haunts me to this day: nothing ever changes.

That massive promotion that would change everything for our fictional heroes? Yeah, it never materialized.

The winning lottery ticket? Yeah, that got lost in a series of comical calamities.

In Sitcomland you can’t afford to change the formula, so characters flirt with a transformational moment, but in the end they just stay the same. 

Thousands of hours of consistent programming are hard to escape and I find it so easy to slip into a mindset that positions me as a pawn for the writers instead of the person crafting the story for myself.

Maybe you can relate.

But here’s the thing:  A “nothing changes” mindset doesn’t apply to us. 

We are not characters in a sitcom and we can fundamentally change ourselves and our small businesses any time we want.

And unlike sitcom characters, we don’t have to wait for a plot contrivance to set us up for a fantastic opportunity, we can engineer these opportunities for ourselves.

What is one thing you can do this week to take the reigns of your business more firmly and begin changing it for the better?

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