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You have important work to do

Unfortunately, your days are filled with e-mail, meetings, and dozens of other distractions that make it difficult to make the kind of progress you need to make on the work that matters most. You're always busy, but you're just not getting enough of the right things done.

I can help.

I work with busy professionals and small business owners – people just like you – to develop a clear picture of their most important work and help them best leverage their time and energy to get more of the right things done.

Let me help you become more effective
"Geoff will help you realize your inherent potential by creating accountability, challenging your thinking, and pressing you to identify (and focus on) your most important work. I personally appreciate Geoff’s perspective, wisdom, and wit, and I know working with him will be one of the greatest investments you will make in your professional development."
Chief Administrative Officer
MAC Federal Credit Union

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