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I offer 1-1 coaching that helps driven small business owners overcome overwhelm and replace overthinking with intentional action so they can finally make meaningful progress on their goals.

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It's time to make your small business work for you.

I can help you make it happen.

It's a story as old as business itself: you start a business thinking it's going to allow you to live and work on your terms only to watch your business become an unrelenting taskmaster within just a few short years.

It doesn't have to be this way.

My Signature 5D Framework – derived from working with dozens of clients and running my own businesses for nearly 20 years – is the foundation of my 1-1 coaching and helps profitable small business owners like you…

  1. De-escalate the chaos
  2. Diagnose opportunities
  3. Design systems
  4. Document processes
  5. Delegate effectively

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Geoff has been instrumental in helping me develop healthy boundaries while running an in-demand audiology practice.

My desire to help as many patients as possible and ensure my staff is supported had led me down a path to burnout, but with Geoff’s help I see new possibilities and recognize that my business needs to work for me, not the other way around.

Dr. Lily Hughes, AuD
Aurora Audiology


Geoff helped me bring the long-term vision I have for my business into such focus that it feels inevitable.

I’m a list maker and his direction has allowed me to break down the vision into actionable and manageable tasks. He continues to support me as I shift my day-to-day habits and organizational systems to move me closer and closer to that vision.

Kelly Ward, CPA, CTC, CGMA, MBA
Kelly Ward, CPA


I was navigating a period of rapid growth in which I needed to add staff and formalize processes in my boutique yarn business and Geoff helped me gain clarity about how to prioritize my plans and take action on my goals.

That focus helped me get more done, with less wasted effort, and we are continuing to grow as a result!

Marcie Bourne
Bad Sheep Yarn

Download my FREE Anti-Overwhelm Playbook Today!