I believe owning a small business can be the most rewarding game out there.

Hey, I'm Geoff, and I'm on a mission to help small business owners across the US make their businesses work for them.

When I bought Date Line Digital Printing in 2005, I bought a job.

My mindset in those days was simple: if I buy this place, I get to keep my job.

I was young, naive, and legitimately unprepared for what I was getting myself into, but I can't spend a moment regretting any of it because the past 20-ish years have been a remarkable education.

Along the way I learned a lot about myself, about how to lead, about how to make incredible messes, about service, and about how to change the game when the demands of a small business push you to your limits.

(I also learned that no one in the "real world" really understands what it's like at the helm of a small business. Many think they do, but they don't.)

Dozens of coffee and lunch dates with other small business owners revealed that most of the things I was learning the hardest way possible – like how to stop owning a job and start making my business work for me – were valuable insights to other small business owners who also recognized that we share a very unique experience.

Those informal conversations – conversations that were accidental rehearsals for my coaching work – revealed a simple, but profoundly frustrating truth: owning a small business can be so consuming that it's easy to lose your way and find yourself at the mercy of your business.

They also revealed that I knew how to help owners overcome the overwhelm they were experiencing and simplify the process of building systems, documenting processes, and delegating effectively.

And so a second business was born.

A decade after asking that first client if they needed a coach, helping small business owners take the power back, overcome overwhelm, make their businesses work for them remains an absolute joy.

I'd love to chat with you about how I may be able to help you fundamentally change your relationship with your business. It might be the most hope-filled conversation you have this week. 

Let's talk!

(When I’m not overseeing my own award-winning small businesses and supporting profitable small business owners like you, I love to watch the Yankees on TV, play drums in my home studio, and spend time with my wife, teenage daughter, and our 3-legged Boston Terrier in our cozy home in the west hills of Fairbanks, Alaska.)

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Trúc Towns

Meet my Executive Assistant

With a mixture of brilliant humor, relentless energy, and a love of service, Trúc Towns helps me grow two businesses by keeping my schedule straight and managing myriad details so I don't have to. An industry veteran who hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, Trúc is a self proclaimed tea connoisseur and loves fitness. When she finishes her day as an administrative rockstar, you can find her enjoying a movie with her husband and son, planning her next big triathlon win, or crocheting a new lopsided sweater.