I'm Geoff

I never meant to become a small business owner, I just sort of backed into it...and made every mistake you can imagine.

The good news is that those mistakes forced me to get really creative in order to keep playing the game.

One of those mistakes was believing that I was at the mercy of my business. Instead of having a "real job" with a "real boss" I had invented the boss I never wanted.

And then something remarkable happened that changed that belief – and my relationship with my business – forever.

My frustration prompted me to begin sharing my experiences as a small business owner because I was convinced others must be experiencing a similar frustration in isolation.

As I connected with more and more owners who were struggling, I became well-known in my Alaskan community for being able to help other owners navigate the inherent challenges of running a small business.

Those early years of my coaching practice were messy, but as I matured I recognized a few consistencies my between experiences and the experiences of all the owners with whom I talked.

  1. We all entered into small business ownership because we wanted MORE of something, like money, freedom, or control.
  2. We all felt stuck because we had set our MORE aside and allowed ourselves to become employees of our businesses instead of making our business work for us.
  3. We all were unsure if this was as good as it gets, or if we could actually have the MORE we had dreamed of.

As someone who made mistakes (and scrambled to solve them) for a living I became determined to learn how to take the power back and put myself back in the driver's seat of my business...and to help others do the same.

Hours upon hours of research, study, and adaptation yielded the framework I currently use to help business owners across the US clarify their MORE, upgrade their mindset, and identify and implement the systems that will enable them to put their business to work for them.

I'm a husband, a father, a Yankee fan, a drummer, a speaker, and a performance coach who is really, really, intensely passionate about helping people do their most important work.

Years as a small business owner building relationships with other small business owners taught me that many of us were struggling, but were too afraid to say anything because admitting the challenges we were facing betrayed the veneer of success we were hiding behind. The problem was that if no one was willing to raise their hand and say, "this is really hard sometimes," then we would all continue to feel isolated and uniquely ineffective. I decided that my act of leadership could be to say what I believed we were all thinking.

In time I realized that my vulnerability and unique insights into the challenges others were facing had helped me become a trusted advisor to people from a wide variety of business and non-profit sectors and that I was able to help them address the issues they were facing with more clarity and traction than they were able to summon alone.

I started speaking and coaching because it was clear to me that my most important work – the unique value I could offer the world – was to help others do their most important work. My informal style – like my ever-present blue Chucks – might seem irreverent for someone who coaches accountants, bankers, and executives, but thankfully my shoes don't prevent me from helping people clearly define the work that matters most so they can spend more of their limited time and energy on it.

If the prospect of spending your time and energy to more effectively pursue your most important work sounds interesting to you...maybe we should talk.


A fiercely independent enemy of the status quo, Geoff is on a mission to help people develop the clarity and focus necessary to do their most important work.

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