Being more disciplined IS NOT the only answer

Here’s one way to get more of what you want, even if you don’t want to do the work required to get what you want: become so disciplined that you do the work in spite of how you feel and in spite of your environment and in spite of the pain you experience. 

If you believe this is the ONLY way to get more of what you want – and have a really hard time being graceful with yourself when your discipline isn’t at its zenith – we would probably get along well.

I’ve spent a lot of time convinced that the only reason I haven’t been universally successful is because I have FAILED to be disciplined enough. That’s a fun bit of baggage to carry around.

I’m not going to argue that discipline isn’t important or that being a little more disciplined wouldn’t absolutely serve me well. 

Instead I want to argue that there is another way to get more of what you want that might be a better outlet for your energy than a little recreational self-loathing.

An alternative to the discipline-at-all-costs approach is to identify opportunities to make it simpler or more pleasurable to get more of what you want, or more painful to opt for distractions.

  • Create a workspace that you love to be in. If possible, indulge in tools that make doing the work attractive. 
  • Position your tools so you can’t avoid them. (Put your workout clothes by your bed before you go to sleep…or just sleep in them if that helps)
  • Organize your day so that you get mini rewards for doing the difficult work early. (I’m going to write for an hour and then I’m going to read a book for 15 minutes before writing for another hour…)
  • Delegate the parts of the work you hate the most. They have to get done, but do YOU have to do them?
  • Use focus modes on your phone/computer to block distracting notifications.
  • Put your phone across the room (or in a different room) when you are working because your phone absolutely hates the idea of you making progress.
  • Find a partner to work with. (I found a Pickleball Buddy and now the prospect of incorporating more movement and exercise into my life actually feels fun)
  • Break the work into the smallest possible part and just do that ONE thing. (If you find that this one simple action actually inspires you to do more, well, who am I to stop you?)

Discipline is great, but it can also be difficult to master and give you even more reasons to critique yourself harshly when you miss the mark.

Don’t forget that there are alternative ways to lead yourself to success that can actually make the work ahead a little more enjoyable AND leave you feeling much more positive about your efforts.

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