My Favorite Ways To Make Travel Days Less Stressful

I’m firmly convinced that I do my very best thinking on planes, but that doesn’t mean air travel is without its share of complexities that can really stress you out.

And since I spent the majority of yesterday at 30,000 feet, here are my favorite ways to make travel days less stressful…

  1. Plan ahead. I use a packing checklist I’ve built over the years to ensure that I have all the right things packed (and charged) for the journey ahead. Shoot me a reply if you want a copy.
  2. Get organized. My assistant prepares an itinerary for each day of my trip so that I have every detail I need (including when I need to leave X to get to Y) in a PDF on my phone.
  3. Pack smart. I make sure my carry-on bag has all the essentials – like tylenol, my phone, wet wipes, snacks, my iPad, napkins, water, a charging cable, and airpods – close at hand. I also make sure it is packed in a way that allows me easy access to everything because unpacking your entire bag just to find a charging cable is no bueno.
  4. Arrive early. I would rather arrive early and spend a little extra time at the boarding gate than be stressed about getting through security because I was trying to get to the airport at the last possible moment.
  5. Get TSA Pre Check.The shorter lines and ease of navigating security are worth it.
  6. Expect the unexpected. Traveling to and from Alaska is rarely without an element of the unexpected so I always have snacks, water, charging cables, and entertainment on my phone to make the most of delays or ensure I’m not bored if the in-flight entertainment isn’t working. 

Those are my favorites, but what about you? What helps you survive travel days?
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