Stephen Shedletzky is here to serve

After achieving early professional success, Stephen Shedletzky found himself unsatisfied and unwilling to do work he didn’t believe in. The tension that existed between his work and his values eventually led him to Simon Sinek, with whom he now works closely. In addition to affording Stephen an opportunity to do work he cares deeply about, Simon also acted as an … Read More

Dan Cumberland on work and meaning

Dan Cumberland never quite felt like he fit while growing up. Dan’s strengths and passions differed from that of his family and he spent many years trying to discover how his gifts could be married to work that would provide both income and meaning. This conversation will challenge you to rethink your ideas about whether we should be looking for … Read More

Heath Padgett lives in a van down by the river

Heath Padgett does not, in fact, live in a van down by the river, but he does live in an RV. Fearing he would get stuck in a state of comfort and a year-long trip across the country – a bucket list item he and his wife shared – might never happen if they waited, Heath quit his job and … Read More

Gary Waterfield on Taking Pride in Your Work

I can’t remember when I bought my first Waterfield Designs bag, but I can tell you that I’ve been a fan from the moment I held it in my hands. I love bags – a lot – and I have spent the past 8 years trying to find a bag that is better than my trusty Waterfield “Cargo,” but I’ve … Read More

Meet Preston Pollard

Preston Pollard is a man on the move. I became aware of Preston because his admittedly handsome mug is featured on the cover of photographer Brian Adams’ book “I Am Alaskan” and he has connections to Joel’s Place, a skate park and youth center here in Fairbanks, so I started checking into his story. It didn’t take long to realize … Read More

Al Pittampalli: We Need Better Meetings

When I read “Read This Before Our Next Meeting” by Al Pittampalli in less than 45-minutes on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I was blown away by how much good thinking he was able to pack into such a small book. His assessment of, and solutions for, the broken meeting culture that exists in so … Read More

Seth Godin: If I’m a Genius, Everyone’s a Genius

I have just enjoyed the unique and unusual opportunity to spend the past 2-1/2 days in a room with Seth Godin and 80 other people with a “bias for action” at Seth’s invite-only Ruckusmakers event. It will take me some time to process all of the challenging material Seth covered in a really compressed span of time, but I wanted … Read More

Simon Sinek: Leadership is Not About Being Perfect

I had the incredible pleasure of spending 45-minutes talking with author and speaker Simon Sinek this morning and he was gracious enough to allow me to co-opt a few of those minutes to ask a question and share his response with you. Simon is the brilliant mind behind the books Start With Why and Leaders Eat Last which, in concert … Read More

6 Reasons to Say “No” (with Solveig Pedersen)

I’m not even going to pretend Solveig Pedersen ( isn’t one of my favorite people to talk to. She is such a sweet person and I love being able to share her insights with you guys via Skype interviews. I recently had the good pleasure of talking with Solveig about the importance of saying “no” when an opportunity doesn’t fit … Read More