How to make the impossible, possible

When you encourage someone, you wield magical powers. Really, magical. Encouragement can change the trajectory of someone’s day, or even their life, because it makes the impossible, possible. It’s an act of influence, a gift only you can give. I don’t understand how telling someone their contributions are valuable, or that their work matters, makes such a difference, but I … Read More

Small is big

Last night I stepped off the treadmill a little weary from having run 78 miles. OK, that’s only sort of true. I did step off the treadmill, I was a little weary, and I did run 78 miles, just not all at once. In truth, the miles in question were logged over 26 separate 3-mile runs during a span of … Read More

The dirty little secret about intimidation

What if I don’t know what to say? What if they are wholly unimpressed with me? What if they just turn away and ignore my introduction? What if my shirt catches fire and I have to run away screaming? These are just a few of the thoughts running through my head when I’m faced with introducing myself to someone new, … Read More