How to make the impossible, possible

Say the wordsWhen you encourage someone, you wield magical powers. Really, magical. Encouragement can change the trajectory of someone’s day, or even their life, because it makes the impossible, possible. It’s an act of influence, a gift only you can give.

I don’t understand how telling someone their contributions are valuable, or that their work matters, makes such a difference, but I know it does. I know it through and through because this site wouldn’t exist if not for the encouragement of someone who believed I could do things I didn’t believe I could. I’m able to use these essays to encourage people to be great because someone helped me see that people would listen and be moved if I did.

Recently, I posted a note on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that said “Beat Monday: Tell someone you think they are awesome.” I even drank my own Kool-Aid and sent notes to three people, and the responses were amazing; hearing back from those people about what my notes meant to them actually encouraged me!

Encouragement doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy to be powerful, you just have to mean it. How would you feel if, tomorrow, you woke up to an e-mail that read, “I love the way you __________”? A note like that would change my whole day. I would feel energized! I would feel 10 feet tall! I would feel damn near invincible!

The words can be simple, but you have to say them if you want to change the world for someone. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Someone needs your encouragement and they need it today.