I made this for you

Twenty years ago I stopped attending college after about six weeks. Seventeen years ago I married the most amazing woman. Ten years ago I bought half of a printing company. Eight years ago I was blessed with a wonderful little girl. Five years ago I almost ran that printing company into the ground. Three years ago I met a friend … Read More

How to make enemies

An assertion: a great way to make enemies is to do meaningful work that is valued by the people you hope to influence. To be loved by some for the unique value you offer the world is to be reviled by others. That’s the deal. But If you are going to have enemies – and you will – I can’t … Read More

The solution to all your problems

The solution is obvious as long as the problem belongs to someone else. How would you solve the problem with which you are currently wrestling if it belonged to someone else?

Great news! You have a choice

I don’t know your circumstances but I know you have a choice. You always have a choice. And if you always have a choice then saying you don’t is a cop-out, a way of deflecting responsibility for your choice. Having a choice does not mean you have control over your circumstances, but it does mean you have agency. You may … Read More

Overwhelmed? You are not alone

I’m worried about my friend. This person is a high performer and is doing really great work, except I’m afraid the pace at which they are running isn’t altogether healthy. This person is working long hours and is constantly buried under an avalanche of e-mail, voice mail, text messages, and increasingly unrealistic expectations. I worry that their days center on … Read More

What are you excited about?

Tomorrow I get to enjoy a Skype conversation with Simon Sinek. To say I’m geeked about chatting with Simon is a massive understatement and it reminds me that the anticipation of something good can change everything. Looking forward to something wonderful like a first date, a vacation, a holiday, an anniversary, or even the release of a new movie can … Read More

Let’s not be too busy for people

I’m going to guess that you have a lot of obligations. Me too. The demands on our time often seem unending and overwhelming. The relentless pace at which we run makes us prone to spend our time and focus our energy on the urgent instead of the important. We put out brand new fires each day, finalize budgets at the … Read More

What matters most?

This has been a challenging week. (Note: “challenging” is not the same as “bad”) I have spent time with friends who are hurting, I’ve wrestled at length with my ego and my pride, and I’ve been the recipient of ridiculous kindness and generosity. All of these things have served to remind me that I have a propensity to misplace my … Read More

How can I help you?

Last week I posted a note on Facebook asking people how I could help them. Doing so afforded me the opportunity to bring someone coffee and share some marginally valuable parenting advice with a new dad. I want to ask you the same question, my friend. How can I help you? If you could ask me for one favor, what … Read More

Are you a big deal?

On Tuesday a man with my name on a sign met me at the airport and drove me to my hotel in his limousine. It was fun – except sitting alone in the back of a limo is really kind of weird – but riding in limousines has nothing to do with being a big deal. Neither do Facebook likes, … Read More

Your next big opportunity is on the line

It’s obvious that a job interview demands your “A” game. What’s not so obvious is that you are already giving your next job interview right now. The way you do your work, the way you conduct yourself, the way you treat people right now is speaking volumes to the people who will give you your future opportunities. You can’t know … Read More

Does anyone understand you?

The following sequence of words appeared in my Facebook feed recently: “I’m only responsible for what I SAY, not for what YOU understand.” Ugh. I shared the post with a friend who immediately called it “the hallmark of a lazy communicator.” If you have an idea worth sharing, it’s your job to ensure you are understood. To blame your audience … Read More