How to never be afraid again

The problem is not that the fear is an unavoidable part of being alive and doing your very best work, it’s that the fear has convinced you that you are the only one wrestling with it.

The secret to unlocking exciting professional opportunities

The way we go about our work, the relationships we foster, and the attitude we showcase are moving us closer to (or further from) the exciting and interesting projects that exist for those who aren’t afraid to do a little hard work.

5 leadership lessons I learned from Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren might not be a servant leader, a beloved leader, or even a good leader, but that doesn’t mean he can’t teach us something valuable about what it means to lead… (Mild spoilers ahead)

The perfect time for a fresh start

We paint ourselves into a romantic (and ineffective) corner when we allow the calendar, or specific circumstances, to prescribe the “right time” to change things for the better.

Stephen Shedletzky is here to serve

After achieving early professional success, Stephen Shedletzky found himself unsatisfied and unwilling to do work he didn’t believe in. The tension that existed between his work and his values eventually led him to Simon Sinek, with whom he now works closely. In addition to affording Stephen an opportunity to do work he cares deeply about, Simon also acted as an … Read More

It’s time to finally lose the weight

If you are serious about losing some weight in the new year, try these two sure-fire techniques: 1. Forgive others 2. Forgive yourself Carrying the weight of all the wrongs done to you is a self-perpetuating, self-defeating pursuit. So is carrying the weight of all your mistakes. You can choose to carry the weight and you can choose to not … Read More

Dan Cumberland on work and meaning

Dan Cumberland never quite felt like he fit while growing up. Dan’s strengths and passions differed from that of his family and he spent many years trying to discover how his gifts could be married to work that would provide both income and meaning. This conversation will challenge you to rethink your ideas about whether we should be looking for … Read More

Heath Padgett lives in a van down by the river

Heath Padgett does not, in fact, live in a van down by the river, but he does live in an RV. Fearing he would get stuck in a state of comfort and a year-long trip across the country – a bucket list item he and his wife shared – might never happen if they waited, Heath quit his job and … Read More

The best compliment you will ever receive

People may salute your skills, praise your progress, evangelize your effectiveness, or laud your leadership, but nothing compares to someone touting your trustworthiness. Without a doubt, “I trust you,” is the best compliment you will ever receive.

The most difficult person you will ever have to manage

There is a box in a cabinet in my office that is full of medication. Every time I get a card or an e-mail from someone that has been positively impacted by my work I drop it in the box so that I have concrete proof that I’m making a difference in the lives of the people around me on … Read More