The two people you need to know

The two people you need to know

It is important for you to find mentors to help you in your professional development, but it is equally important for you to be a mentor.

Overcoming cynicism

What if cynicism is a choice?

Many people mistakenly think of me as an optimist, just not the people who really know me.

A case for doing relational work

Choose to care

Caring about the people you serve will necessarily cost you something. So will not caring about the people you serve. Choose to care.

Make Monday matter

If you choose to focus on the misery Monday may bring you, you’ll find it. The same is true for focusing on ways to generously make Monday matter.

What makes you weird?

Be more weird

If you think being weird is going to hinder your ability to advance professionally, just think about what it will take to “average” your way to the top.

The first word

What if today was an opportunity to write the first word of the first sentence of the first paragraph on the first page of the first chapter in a new book? What would you do?

The reason I don’t have rock hard abs

The reason I don't have rock hard abs

I am firmly convinced that I could have rock hard abs if I was willing to make the sacrifices that people with rock hard abs are willing to make, but the simple truth is that I’m not. I have never met a donut that didn’t seem more important than rock hard abs.

20 questions every professional needs to ask

20 questions every professional needs to ask

Want to level up your professional game? Start asking any or all of the following questions of anyone who will give you the time of day. You will be amazed what you can learn from the people around you…and how willing most people are to share with you.

No one really wants you to change

Change scares people

Don’t wait for someone to approve of your choice to get better or make things better because, for the most part, people just want you to stay the same.

Maybe it’s not all that important after all

Last December there were a lot of people who stood in long lines to be the first to see the newest Star Wars movie. A month later my wife and I were able to see the same film with no lines. A few months from now others will see it for the first time in the comfort of their own … Read More

Overwhelmed? You are not alone.


Working long hours, constantly buried under an avalanche of e-mail, voice mail, text messages, and increasingly unrealistic expectations? You aren’t alone.