5 things you should document right away

Getting started is the most difficult part of documenting your processes and workflows.

To help you get started, here are 5 things you should document right away…

  1. The simplest process you can think of. Jump start your progress by documenting something that is so easy to capture that you can’t contrive any reasons to wait.
  2. The most mission critical process in your business. When in doubt, start by documenting the thing that is absolutely essential to your success.
  3. The thing that everyone gets wrong. If you’ve ever grumbled under your breath about something that was forgotten or done incorrectly AGAIN, did you also ensure that you had rock solid documentation detailing what you expect?
  4. The process that is repeated the most. If it happens over and over again, it had better be done correctly and efficiently.
  5. The thing you absolutely hate doing. Every documented process is an opportunity to delegate, so the quickest path to not having to do something you hate is to ensure you have documentation in place so someone else can do it for you.

What is one process you will document this week?

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