What do you really want?

My knowledge of SpongeBob SquarePants is incredibly limited, but here’s one thing I’m certain of: Mr. Krabs loves money. 

He knows exactly what his business exists to do FOR HIM and he’s a model for the rest of us. 

When you have complete clarity about what you want from your business you can better contextualize the difficult days (because there WILL be difficult days) and accurately measure the true effectiveness of your business.

The financial reports are ONE measure of the success of your business, but your satisfaction as a small business owner likely comes from more than just financial reward. 

In fact my only beef with Mr. Krabbs is that identifying money as the ultimate goal is one step short of the final answer, because money is just a tool. 

So what do you really want? 

Is it something money provides, like security, power, luxury goods, travel, access to quality health care, early retirement, support for your favorite charity, the house, the car, or exclusive access?

Or maybe it’s control, self-expression, or something else entirely?

When you’re ready, complete the following sentences and review them regularly. Doing so will serve as a visible reminder that your business has a job and, like any other employee, you have to hold it accountable. 

My business makes it possible for me to…

Designing, documenting, and delegating processes ensures that I never have to…

The clearer you get about what your business makes possible FOR YOU and what your business protects you from, the easier it will be to optimize your business for those outcomes. 

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