This is how you win

I was watching John Wick Chapter 2 the other day and the opening sequence features John laying waste to an army of henchmen in a warehouse.

As he is cracking skulls (and being struck by vehicles) below, two crime bosses discuss what makes John so absolutely terrifying: “John Wick is a man of focus, commitment and sheer f***ing will.”

Nothing about how strong he is, how fast he is, how good he is with a gun, or how smart he is.

Focus, commitment, and will make him uniquely dangerous and nearly impossible to kill.

You may not have access to all the resources you would like. You may not be the smartest business owner around. You may not be an expert in all the latest marketing tactics. You may not know all the right people.

But you can choose to be more focused, committed, and driven than absolutely anyone around you.

What if those are the traits that will help you advance your business in ways that your competitors can’t match?

Take a minute to make a note of a goal or outcome you want to realize. 

How would someone who was wholly devoted to that outcome spend their days? What would they do? What WOULDN’T they do? How would they maintain their focus on accomplishing that goal? What would keep them awake at night? How would they invest their time and their money? How would they navigate distractions?

How devastating would they be to their competition?

Go be that person.