What do you need to stop doing?

If you are like a great many people, you likely just made a list of resolutions or goals for this brand new year.


Here’s a way to make that list even more effective: add at least a few things you will STOP doing.

It is likely that you won’t realize the resolutions and goals you’ve outlined if you don’t also identify the habits and behaviors that will get in your way.

  • You may want to hit the gym every morning, but first you need to STOP snoozing that alarm clock.
  • You may want to reach out to new customers each week, but first you need to stop wasting time on YouTube.
  • You may want to delegate more, but first you need to stop buying in to the idea that it will just be faster if you do it yourself.

What you DO matters. A lot.

But so does what you DON’T do.