Simple ways to carry gratitude with you

Thanksgiving was a few days ago here in the US and I’m intentionally ringing this bell AFTER the holiday because I want to reinforce that the act of giving thanks should be a consistent practice, not an annual event.

Considering the things you are thankful for changes your brain chemistry for the better and elevates your perspective above the immediate circumstances you are navigating. I have yet to meet anyone who told me their gratitude practice had made their experience worse. Quite the opposite.

How can you integrate gratitude into your daily life? Here are a few simple ideas that should be accessible to most of you:

  • Send one text of appreciation each day
  • Keep a journal beside your bed (or in the Notes app on your phone) and catalog one thing you are thankful for each day
  • Take a photo of something you are grateful for each day
  • Make it a point to say THANK YOU to someone you interact with regularly (like a spouse, partner, child, co-worker…)
  • Look the delivery driver or drive-thru worker in the eyes and say THANK YOU with intention before you drive away
  • Involve a friend and share a quick text about something you are thankful for each day
  • Write something you are thankful for on a post it note each day and put them somewhere in your home or office where you will be reminded of them often
  • Go old school and write one thank you card each day

Pick one and make it a consistent practice. Give yourself permission to be thankful for “silly” things. I am convinced it will be a habit you won’t regret adopting.

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