Do you share this dangerous trait?

If there is one valuable thing that I’ve learned from intersecting with trashy reality television, it is that delusional people are geniuses at insulating themselves from reality. 

You show me a person who is convinced of an off-the-wall idea – or someone that is swimming in drama while believing none of it is their fault – and I’ll show you a battalion of people around them who are all nodding their heads in agreement.

Here’s what this means for you: be very wary when everyone you know agrees with you.

Purposefully interact with people who will challenge your assumptions. Read a book about an idea you don’t like. Assume you are biased, like the other 7,846,000,000 on the planet, and could need help seeing all the angles when making an important decision. Watch a different news channel. Find someone with different preferences and learn more about them. Approach most situations like you have something to learn.

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