This is difficult and I will always hate it

This is difficult and I will always hate it

When I was first learning to drive a car it seemed like there were 4,682 things that needed to be done simultaneously in order to get from point A to point B. From the clutch to the turn signal to the rearview mirror to the speedometer to the other drivers on the road to shifting gears at the right moment to safely changing lanes…it was overwhelming.

Today, when I pull into the parking lot at work and I can barely recall the path I took to get there. What once felt impossibly complicated is now second nature.

The same goes for leveling up professionally. New ideas, new techniques, new methods, and new relationships can seem foreign, uncomfortable, and frustratingly outside of your comfort zone, but if there is a new way to do things that will save you time or help you to operate at a higher level (driving definitely trumps walking when it is -50F) then you owe it to yourself to push through the discomfort.

The new software that doesn’t work like the old software will probably not feel as exasperating in a week or two and the new organizational structure just might have a long-term benefit that is hard to see in the midst of so many present changes.

Just like driving a car used to seem a lot more daunting than it does today, you will likely find that the new challenge you are facing will feel very different in the future.

I can’t say with absolute certainty that you will figure everything out, but I bet you still have the capacity to learn a few new tricks.