Make Monday matter

Tomorrow is Monday. Cue the chorus of complaints from people who are already dreading the call of their alarm clock and the demands of the work week.

Call me weird, but I just can’t commit my limited time and energy to hating Monday.

I think a better use of time and energy is to find a way to make Monday matter. Instead of rehearsing your disdain for the work week, which is self-focused, what if you made a plan to make Monday better for someone else?

Plan to buy someone coffee, send an encouraging e-mail, write a thank you card, invite someone to lunch, share someone else’s achievement at a staff meeting, or anything else you might dream up that will turn Monday into an opportunity to be generous.

If you choose to focus on the misery Monday may bring you, you’ll find it.
The same is true for focusing on ways to generously make Monday matter.