How to never be afraid again

Sixty Second Sundays
Want to never be afraid again? It’s easy: just stop being a human. Robots are fearless.

It gets a little trickier if you aren’t willing to give up on your humanity because as long as you are a living, breathing, human person you will experience some degree of fear.

The real problem is not that the fear is an unavoidable part of being alive and doing your very best work, it’s that the fear has managed to convince you (and everyone around you who you assume is completely unaffected by the fear) that you are the only one wrestling with it.

You aren’t.

You can do amazing things in spite of the fear, but not when you are convinced that you are the only one facing it down.

You aren’t.

The fear is a brilliant strategist because it is embarrassing to talk about, and is amplified when you carry it alone.

But here’s the amazing part: when you muster the bravery to tell at least one other human person about the fear – about your fear – it defuses it’s power. You liberate yourself and invite someone else into a world where neither of you are quite as alone as you previously thought.