Thanks, Fairbanks. (We should hang out)

I am about to get on an airplane for the last bit of travel I currently have scheduled for 2015.


A whirlwind year of travel began quite surprisingly in early January and just hasn’t let up. I’m not complaining, though, because the last 8 months have been jam packed with opportunities to do things I would never have dreamed were possible just a few years ago. These unexpected opportunities took me all over the country and helped convince me that Fairbanks is where I want my work to matter most. They also made me more thankful than ever for the wonderful Fairbanksans who have inspired me, encouraged me, and invested in me.

Hanging out at the Alaska Governor’s mansion was incredible. Getting one-on-one time with Simon Sinek was beyond cool. Being invited to spend the weekend with Seth Godin and 80 other hand-picked “ruckusmakers” was rad. Speaking at regional and national conferences was unbelievable. And yet, after returning home from speaking in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, I was absolutely giddy to get a chance to speak to a customer service class at the UAF Community and Technical College right here at home. And don’t even get me started about getting to facilitate Leadership Fairbanks.

It is wonderful to have access to national platforms – and I truly hope for a few more chances to run my mouth outside of Alaska in the future – but nothing can compare to personally making a difference in the lives and careers of the people with whom I live and work…and that’s a lot easier to do when I’m actually here.

I’m convinced that saying “no” to a few national opportunities is the kind of business heresy that I want to define my work. I mean, I’ve never been one to do the thing I was supposed to do, because where’s the fun in that?

If I can ever help you in any way, we should chat over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
My treat. I would love to hang out.