This might not work

red-shoesTo say my work has changed dramatically over the past few years is a massive understatement.

From nearly losing Date-Line Digital Printing in 2009, to sharing more than 23,000 thank you cards through Thanks Fairbanks, to having dozens of opportunities to share my irreverent ideas about business, to being selected to facilitate the Chamber’s 2015/16 Leadership Fairbanks sessions…almost nothing about my work looks like it did just a handful of years ago.

The twists and turns of recent years have proven that taking chances and trying things that might not work (Thanks, Seth) are integral parts of doing work that matters. With that belief, and countless essays/talks/interviews as a primer, I am excited to announce that we are launching a weekly blog about leadership, service, and being a human at work called Powered By Humanity.

Some of you may be familiar with that title because you’ve had the occasion to read my eBook of the same name. Sharing that collection of ideas, and watching it spread around the world, was instrumental in helping us recognize that the way we do business at Date-Line Digital Printing is not only wonderfully weird, it’s something about which people are curious.

It seems presumptuous to think that we should share our ideas about business, but after being invited to give dozens of talks about these ideas, and hearing incredible stories from readers around the world about how these ideas are changing their work, it seems selfish to keep them to ourselves.

My sincere hope is that Powered By Humanity will be meaningful to our friends and neighbors, but there are simply no guarantees.

I suppose that’s part of the fun of trying to do work that matters.

Intersted in joining us on this journey? Subscribe here and we will start sending you our weekly thoughts on leadership, service, and being a human at work on September 2nd.