I don’t like myself when I’m around you

Well not YOU, but I contend most of us have, or have had, someone in our life who pushes our buttons and “makes” us think, feel, or act in ways we don’t like.

Unfortunately, THEY aren’t really the problem.

We get to choose with whom we associate…or at least how we react to the people with whom we must associate. Blaming a third party for our thoughts or actions is a way of passing the buck and attempting to relieve ourselves of the responsibility for our conduct.

If you don’t like the way you think, feel, or act around someone…its up to you to change something. You can’t change them, and you may not be able to change the circumstance (although it’s probably not as impossible as you think), but you can always change you.

There will be an opportunity this week, maybe today, to react differently. Will you take it?