Go ahead and ask

I have learned so much from the incredible people I have the good fortune of calling family, friends, and colleagues.

To say that my work directly benefit from their wisdom is a huge understatement. I am indebted to each of these wise and generous people and the best way I know to pay them back is to extend their impact by doing anything I can to help people like you do their very best work.

In recent weeks I have made myself available to meet people for coffee if they felt like I might have an experience or perspective that could help them further their projects, and the exchanges we have shared have been incredible. If you want to meet, in person or via Skype, just click here to set it up. I’ll even pay for the coffee.

I’d like to double down on that offer by inviting you to ask me anything via email. Just reply to this message and I’ll happily answer any question to help you move your work forward.

This is also a perfect time for you to take a moment to consider how you might share your insights and perspectives to benefit those with whom you have influence. You have something valuable to share, my friend.