An Incomplete List of Things That Really Matter To Me

Because I forget too easily and chase the dumbest things


  • Having breakfast with my daughter each morning before school
  • Long talks with my wife about the issues of the day
  • Developing deep, meaningful relationships with people I care about
  • Having my work regarded as valuable by the people it impacts directly
  • Mattering to my employees
  • Music
  • People who care
  • Interesting conversations with interesting people
  • Faith, hope, and love
  • Solitude and space to think
  • Solving interesting problems
  • Laughing with my favorite people
  • Having the trust of the people I work with and for
  • Trusting the people I work with and for
  • Love notes from my daughter
  • “Shipping”
  • Having my extended family close by
  • Incessant learning
  • Leading from “here” (wherever “here” happens to be)
  • Watching my peers choose to lead
  • My wife laughing at my jokes
  • Trying things that might not work
  • Being a fallible and messy human even when it’s incredibly frustrating and disappointing