The Unapologetic Truth About Your Work

You have something the world needsYour Work is occasionally quiet and orderly and beautiful. Other times your Work is windswept, and messy, and caustic. Your Work does not care, not even a little bit, if everyone else is okay with that. Your Work is unaffected by the opinion of others. It loves them anyway.

Your Work is unafraid of it’s value. It knows what it is, what it isn’t, and has exactly nothing to prove. It does not apologize or pretend to be something it is not. It is not boastful or proud or ashamed or self-conscious. Your Work is focused and relentless and will not be told what it is or what it has to do.

Your Work does not care what time it is. Your Work arrives when it pleases and demands “let’s get to work, the hours are few.”

Your Work is not here to make friends and it does not want the best for you. Your Work wants your best for everyone else. Your Work will change people and projects and communities for the better because your work knows there is something better, better for all of us, on the other side of things like schedules and priorities and excuses.

Your Work doesn’t care about popularity, or celebrity, or seeking attention for itself.

Your Work is perfect. You are not. That’s okay.

Your Work is a hurricane of progress and emotion that can only be slowed by your pride, selfishness, and refusal to act. Others have no power over your Work, but you may be prone to afford others power over you. That makes your Work very, very frustrated.

Your Work does not care about the ways in which you are delicate and fallible. Your Work is determined to make a difference and to change the world in spite of you. Your Work is constantly finding ways to leverage the best of you and mitigate the rest.

Your Work is not content to sit neatly on a shelf. Your Work will not be bottled up, it will not be tamed.

Your Work does not care, not even a little bit, if everyone else is okay with that.