Tomorrow is too late

Your life is happening right now. The past and the future are just out of your reach and here you are in this moment, alive.

It is so easy to look to the future, expectant, waiting for something better, but please don’t fail to recognize that you can waste an entire lifetime waiting for the future to arrive.

Time is incessant and relentless. There is no pause button. You can’t rewind or fast forward. There is no ctrl-z. The choices you make today are all you have.

This is it.

Your hopes, your plans, your dreams, and (most importantly) your relationships all hinge on what you do about them today. Tomorrow is too late for the things that matter.

If your past mistakes or circumstances are preventing you from being fully alive today just remember that the past is not negotiable, but the the choices you make today are. You can negotiate how you feel about the past, but you can’t change what happened. The past shouldn’t get to dictate the choices you make today. The past did it’s job and now it can sit down, shut up, and watch while you move forward.

Karen Lamb famously wrote, “A year from now you may wish you had started today,” and it is likely that at the end of your life you will realize that life was happening while you were distracted by a thousand other things.

Start living today, on purpose. Don’t miss out on the best parts of your life because you are looking forward to the best parts of your life.

Will you stop all the busyness and make sure to take care of people? Will you take personal responsibility to be a shining example of what it looks like to be fully alive? Will you leave the past in the past and choose to live today?

Maybe we could work on it together…