I Don’t Think I’m Afraid Anymore

photo-4-1In 5 years, probably less, I’ll watch the video that accompanies this post and see the beta version of the talk that I will be giving to audiences much larger than I am able to dream about now. Watching it will make me feel a little embarrassed, but I will be happy that it exists because it will serve as a reference point to show me how far I’ve come.

Please don’t think that I’m being cocky or arrogant about where I’m headed. This is me being direct about what I want with the full knowledge that I might fail in front of everyone.

A year ago I would have been too terrified to own the fact that I want to speak, and write, and develop a conference, and be an inflection point, and do work that helps people become intentional about building lives that matter, but I don’t think I’m afraid anymore. I’m just doing it.

The video below is a heartfelt expression of my desire to reject the fear that has ruled me for much of my life so I can help others recognize the value they have to offer the world. I was invited to share it at my church after attending a Storyline conference in Nashville where I realized I was no longer afraid to do the work I believe I’m here to do.

I hope it reminds you of the value you have to share with the people around you and that being you is a beautiful act of service.

(Click here if you can’t see the embedded video)