Being Great Today Means Sharing What You Know

I am constantly asking my 6 year old daughter, with whom I share a home, to turn off lights in rooms she’s abandoned. It seems like an easy thing to remember but it just hasn’t clicked with her to flip that little white switch when she leaves a room. She’s a smart kid, so I suppose it’s entirely possible she knows exactly what she is doing and leaves them on just to get a rise out of me.

Repeatedly reminding her to turn the lights OFF caused me to think about what it means to turn the lights ON for someone. You are surrounded by people in whose lives you have an opportunity to really matter because of what you have to share. Your knowledge and perspective may seem ordinary to you, as Derek Sivers describes in this great little video, but you probably don’t grasp how amazing they really are.

Believe it or not someone you know, can benefit from something you know, so look for opportunities to share. It may feel a little risky to put yourself out there, but it’s the risky things that make life interesting. Just think of something you’ve learned from a friend, a co-worker, or a mentor that made a difference for you. Chances are good they didn’t think what they had to share was as amazing as you did, and others will likely find what you have to share much more remarkable than you do. I dare you to take a chance and share what you know.

I hope you enjoy this 2-minute video by Derek Sivers and that it helps you recognize the difference you can make for someone.