Geoff leverages his ongoing experiences as a business owner, leader, husband, and father to give practical and relevant talks about servant leadership, gratitude, being human at work, getting unstuck, and the stories we tell ourselves.

Each talk includes essential building blocks – along with Geoff's humorous and engaging delivery – but is customized to meet the needs of your audience. Geoff is able to keenly adapt his presentations to provide value to executives, managers, and front-line staff across a wide array of industries.


Practitioner first, speaker second

Geoff knows he has to spend time in the trenches in order to have something valuable to share, so when he's not on stage he's hard at work in his printing company in Fairbanks, Alaska to make it a model for how businesses can be successful while honoring the humanity of those they serve and those they employ. His days are filled with the real world successes and failures that give him the unique insights and irreverent observations that set his keynotes apart.


"Thanks to Geoff our employees aspire to be the CEO’s of their lives. Geoff’s approach was relatable to people from diverse career paths and our employees were inspired to do their best work each and every day."
"Geoff inspired our people to think creatively about service and to go above and beyond for our customers. His very honestly human talk spoke to everyone throughout our organization, and made our customer service training relative and impactful."
April Park, Alaska heart & vascular institute
"Geoff’s passion for people is evident as he speaks. His thoughts on being human in order to do quality work are relevant, practical, and resonated with our employees. We still talk about and implement the concepts he shared. Thank you for taking the time to come inspire our staff!"
Jennifer Thompson, MAC Federal Credit union
"Geoff is a natural public speaker with an inspiring message about fusing personal passions with life in the workplace. He had our Alaska Business Week students engaged, attentive and at ease. They left with an appreciation for bringing what’s important to you as an individual into the workplace. In doing so, your job becomes not only an income, but also a source of personal fulfillment."
Nicole Schuh, Alaska Business Week
"Geoff’s presentation style (and authentic approach to building relationships) was a natural fit for our team. Geoff, thank you for encouraging us to continue to focus on mission and team play!"
Emily Drygas, University of alaska fairbanks

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