A relentless enemy of the status quo, I combine a humorous and heartfelt delivery with stories from my ongoing experiences as a small business practitioner to inspire people to be more human at work. The major themes of my talks are leadership, customer service, gratitude, and (of course) the power of embracing humanity in the workplace, but each 30-60 minute talk is individually tailored to address the unique needs of the audience.

Working with me is purposefully simple. Just send me a note to start the conversation and I’ll respond personally so we can chat for a few minutes to ensure a good fit. Don’t let my Chucks fool you, informal doesn’t mean unprofessional. I take a great deal of pride in being the kind of speaker organizers want to work with and in providing so much value that you look like the smartest person in the world for bringing me in to share with your group.

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1-1 Coaching

With 20 years of practical business experience – more than a decade spent as my own boss – I understand the challenges that accompany discovering, defining, and doing your very best work while being constantly assailed by distractions. I’m the President of a multi-award winning small business and an accomplished public speaker, but I still wrestle daily with the tension that exists between the dangerous and remarkable work I’m capable of and a seemingly insatiable hunger for permission and reassurance.

Coaching is an opportunity for me to help an intentionally small number of talented and driven professionals to wrestle with their own challenges so they can change the world with their very best work. If that sounds interesting to you, we should probably talk.

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“Geoff’s style and authentic approach to building relationships was a natural fit for our team.”Emily Drygas, Director of Development & Alumni Relations
“Geoff inspires our people to think creatively about service and his very honestly human talks make our customer service trainings relevant and impactful.”April Park, Human Resources Manager
“Geoff’s charismatic, appropriately humorous, and on-point speech at our event was outstanding!”Marisa Sharrah, Community Relations Manager
“Geoff is a natural public speaker with an inspiring message about fusing personal passions with life in the workplace.”Nicole Schuh, Alaska Business Week Program Director