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with Geoff Welch

Overwhelm is everywhere and the resulting burn out is contributing to decreased productivity and increased turnover, a devastating combination. And in an effort to keep up with organizational demands, many leaders are inadvertently making it more likely that their top performers will take their talents elsewhere by putting the lion's share of the workload on them.

It doesn't have to work this way.

The good news is that there are many ways to mitigate the overwhelm your team is experiencing, and you don't have to figure them out on your own.

The Overcoming Overwhelm workshop is connecting teams just like yours with the tools they need to take better care of themselves and support one another.

Your team will learn


How to identify and manage the things that contribute to their feelings of overwhelm


Practical and personalized behaviors to help them become more resilient


The perspective shift that will forever change their relationship with work

Overcome Overwhelm was an awesome resource to share with my department! It allowed us to get to know each other on a more personal level and grow stronger as a team. My team walked away feeling seen and valued, and gained extremely valuable skills to become more resilient!

Emma Nunez, Recovery Solutions Manager
MAC Federal Credit Union

Overcoming Overwhelm is a private 60-minute workshop, delivered in-person or using the the video platform of your choice, that leverages real-time discussion with your team to tailor best practices they can immediately put to use.

In lieu of a scripted, one-size-fits-all lecture, your team will enjoy a unique experience with a purposeful design, but a flexible roadmap. Drawing on decades spent leading teams, coaching corporate decision-makers, and mentoring emerging leaders Geoff Welch will help your team identify the things that trigger overwhelm for them, and offer valuable insights and practical solutions that will help them shift their perspectives and act their way out of overwhelm.


Geoff Welch is an award-winning Business Performance Consultant based in Fairbanks, Alaska who leverages nearly 20-years of leadership experience to help leaders overcome overwhelm so they can be more serene and effective at work.

Simply choose a date below to setup a 15-minute conversation with Geoff to learn more and ensure the workshop is a good fit for your team.